Birds:     Upland and Waterfowl

Mounting Options:
-Sitting, standing, flying, preening, strutting,
walking, hanging dead mounts.
-Turkey Tail Mounts:  Beard, spurs and/or wings
can be added.

Display Options:
-Cedar driftwood, Glass cases, finished wood
panels and table-pedestals, and many habitat
options to choose from.


-Europeans:  Boiled or beetled.  Your choice.
Solid wood panels available.

-Antler Mounts: Fine grain leather covering,
with hand braided accents.  Several colors
to choose from.  Solid wood panels available.

-Deer Feet Gun Rack
-Freeze drying of velvet on antlers.

For Hunts Outside USA:

We are a USDA approved facility

Prehunt Services: 

We have a Customs House Broker (import broker) handle the importation of animals into the USA for our customers.   Call us to request import paperwork and to get all your ducks in a row before you go.
Animals:   N. American, African, Exotics

Mounting Options:
-Shoulder, Half -Body, and Full Body mounts. 
-Wall and Floor Pedestal Mounts with fine-grain leather backing.

Habitat Options:
Rock, sand/gravel, grass, snow, ice, water, finished wood, driftwood, local flora, exotic flora and more!

**Rugs are hand and machine sewn with 3/4  in.          interior padding, a doule felt border, durable                          black twill backing, and wall-hanging hooks.

Fish:     Fresh Water and Ocean Fish

Mounting Options:
-Standard Single-Sided Skin Mounts, Double-sided table pedestal mounts, Head Mounts, Stringer Mounts

Display Options:
-Driftwood (plain or decorated with flora), Solid wood panels, display cases, table pedestals with habitat, rocks, sand/gravel, underwater flora and more!

All skins are commercially tanned, which is the best way to ensure maximum quality and preservation of your hide.
We do NOT do in-house tanning, or use a dry preserve.


N. American:
Call or email for pricing.
Deposit required on all work.
Remaining balances due within 30 days after work is completed.

USDA approved facility!
Official SCI measurer!